The original rimless toilet - from TOTO

Rimless toilets have been a standard feature of the Japanese bathroom provider’s product line since 2002. It’s no wonder that TOTO received the German Hygiene Certificate for its toilets in 2011.


The greatest challenge to developing a rimless toilet bowl is the flush. For ideal results, the water needs to cover the entire inside surface of the toilet bowl as evenly as possible, with enough power, but without splashing. Conventional flushes commonly used throughout Germany cannot be used for rimless toilets. Here, the rim keeps the water from splashing out of the toilet. As such, a rimless toilet also needs a special flush system.


Unique flush technology

TOTO Sales Director Hubertus Brüggemann is not concerned about the competition’s efforts: “Since we started in Europe five years ago, rimless toilets featuring Tornado Flush and CeFiONtect glaze have been standard in our product line. We started an avalanche with our rimless toilets. The new developments among the competition only confirm thatour products are on the right track. But they have to catch up to us first, and we have a massive lead when it comes to innovation. So far, no one has been able to solve the flush issue as effectively as TOTO.”


In fact, the German Hygiene Certificate confirms this statement. Professor Dr Brigitte König at Magdeburg Molecular Detections (MMD) conducted the test. Her final report concludes that the TOTO toilet considerably reduces the bacterial load following use. “Regular” toilets had far poorer test results.


Ultra-smooth ceramic

The outstanding hygiene results come from the combination of the flush, rimless bowl and extremely smooth CeFiONtect glaze. Unlike other glazes used on toilets, TOTO fires the special glaze with the ceramic. The result – an extremely smooth and durable surface, which makes it very difficult for waste to accumulate. Unlike conventional ceramic glazes, CeFiONtect can also be cleaned with microfiber cloth without eroding the surface over time.


Düsseldorf, July 2013
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1. A rimless toilet bowl requires a sophisticated flush. TOTO’s Tornado Flush creates a powerful whirlpool effect that effectively and thoroughly cleans every inch of the bowl.
2. The outstanding hygiene results come from the combination of the flush, rimless bowl and extremely smooth CeFiONtect glaze.
3. The three Tornado Flush jets are positioned at various points in the toilet bowl. The power of the water combines to create an especially strong current for thorough cleaning.