Lanzamiento europeo de TOTO en la ISH de Frankfurt 2009


TOTO, Japan’s leading producer of sanitary ware, will launch officially in Europe on 10th March 2009 at the ISH exhibition in Frankfurt.

Founded in 1917, TOTO, has become an iconic, trusted brand in Japan with their Clean Technology innovations. These include the dirt-busting Tornado Flush system, the hygiene-enhancing, easy to clean CeFiONtect glazing, and a range of automatic open, close and flush functions. That’s in addition to the Washlet, a wand allowing warm, aerated water to be used for personal cleansing, which has revolutionized bathroom culture in Japan, where 25 million have been sold to date.

TOTO products present significant benefits to their users. They are designed to be more comfortable, ergonomic and easy to clean than anything that has come before. They increase personal and domestic cleanliness through technology that prevents the build up of waste matter and bacteria. And by using water more efficiently and cutting the amount of chemicals needed for cleaning, they help protect the environment.

Having already expanded into the US, China and Asia/Oceania, TOTO established a headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany in April 2008, laying the groundwork for their launch in Europe. The European public first experienced Clean Technology in August 2008, when a TOTO bathroom was installed in colette, the Paris design boutique. But it is from the official launch at ISH Frankfurt 2009 that their products will be widely available in Europe for the first time.