TOTO galardonado con el Red Dot Design Award por los productos de la gama NEOREST Series/LE


Following its successful launch in Europe, TOTO is proud to announce that it is the recipient of the eminent ‘red dot’ design award for 2009 for two of its products: the NEOREST Series/LE Toilet and the NEOREST Series/LE Washbasin. TOTO will formally receive the award at a ceremony on 29 June, 2009, at the Aalto-Theater opera house in Essen, Germany.

The coveted international prize is one of the largest and most renowned design awards in the world, and has been recognising excellence in manufacturing and product design since the 1950s. The German Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen institute singled out TOTO’s products for excelling in criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and formal quality.

With entrants from more than 1,400 companies and 49 countries, and a total of 3,231 products entered, TOTO is thrilled to receive such prestigious recognition as it begins its operations in Europe. TOTO constantly works to bring high design and advanced technology together, with intricate engineering concealed within sleek, aesthetic exteriors. It took a huge amount of time and effort for TOTO’s designers and engineers to develop these designs.

“We are happy to receive such a highly recognised award in the European market,” says TOTO designer Maruhashi Masahiro. “We wish to enhance consumers’ lifestyles, and we believe the NEOREST products will provide long-lasting satisfaction with their advanced technology and design. In the future, we will keep developing products to satisfy our European and worldwide customers by continuing to advance our technologies and by creating original products.”

The WASHLET technologies that make the TOTO NEOREST Series/LE Toilet unique include an automatic opening and shutting lid, a toilet seat that is warm even when the room is cold, a water stream designed to create better cleansing, an air-dryer, a unique flushing system and a microscopically smooth ceramic glazing that helps maintain impeccable hygiene. It also incorporates TOTO’s translucent LUMINIST material into its push plate, keeping it consistent with the rest of the range.

The NEOREST Series/LE Washbasin is made entirely from the durable LUMINIST material – it glows seductively when the embedded LED lights are switched on and appears serene and translucent in daylight. Instead of a traditional tap, this washbasin has a knob control that adjusts temperature and waterfall flow from the elegant spout, with changing colours for different temperatures.

The red dot award is a seal of quality, bestowed by objective, informed professionals. The festive awards ceremony in Essen will attract over 1,200 guests from the design, architecture, political and media industries to celebrate outstanding design.

All award-winning products will be presented to the public in a special exhibition in the red dot design museum, which will run for four weeks from 29 June, 2009.

WASHLET and NEOREST are registered trademarks of TOTO Ltd.