Tornado Flush Technology – A Whirlpool Effect For Hygiene

With conventional toilet bowls, people need to use brushes and a lot of cleaners to keep them clean and hygienic. TOTO, a Japanese manufacturer of bathroom furnishings and fixtures, makes all of this unnecessary – its newly developed Tornado Flush technology uses a powerful whirlpool effect to clean the bowl, effectively eliminating dirt and germs.

TOTO, a Japanese provider of bathroom concepts and innovative solutions, has revolutionised the way toilets are flushed. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim like conventional toilets, the rotating whirlpool effect created by the Tornado Flush technology ensures that all toilets and Washlets clean and hygienic at all times. TOTO is the only manufacturer to offer this technology. The Tornado Flush projects three powerful jets of water to clean the entire surface of the bowl, creating an effect similar to a tornado with the help of centrifugal force. As a result, this system cleans the bowl more effectively than conventional flush systems, and is far quieter. The powerful cleaning power of the Tornado Flush means that it requires very little water to thoroughly clean the bowl – either three or six litres per flush. Three litres are probably sufficient for normal flushing.

Additional components work together to improve cleanliness and hygiene. Unlike conventional ceramic toilets, the CeFIONtect ceramic glaze has an extremely smooth surface to keep dirt from building up in microscopic crevices. The rimless design also gives dirt and germs no where to hide and makes it far easier to clean the toilet bowl.

The third component is the shape of the TOTO toilet bowl. It does not have a rim or any hidden corners, which prevents the formation of mould and accumulation of dirt and germs. The streamlined design also makes cleaning the toilet bowl much simpler – it is possible to reach every inch of the bowl.

The TOTO NC series toilets can be mounted on any conventional flushing tank – for a quick and simple upgrade.