Restaurant Yen, Paris

Restaurant Yen is located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, famed home to Parisian intellectuals. Since opening in 2000, it has been serving authentic Japanese cuisine to its guests. Chef Sakurai is known for his soba, the Japanese buckwheat noodles that join udon and ramen as among the most popular in Japan. He makes the soba noodles out of special buckwheat grains imported from Japan. The wide-ranging menu also includes other traditional Japanese dishes and an extensive wine list.


The restaurant has two minimalistic dining rooms designed to give guests the feeling of Zen. The dining room on the ground floor has an informal atmosphere, while the one upstairs is more upscale. Wherever you sit, dining at Yen is an extraordinary experience.


The restroom at Yen features the streamlined, modern WASHLET™ RX to provide guests from around the world with even more outstanding service and comfort.


Category: Restaurant
Built in: March 2000
Rooms: 30 seats on the ground floor, 38 seats on the first floor, 6 seats on the terrace
Product: WASHLET™ RX
Item number: TCF794CG