The Prince Akatoki, London

The Prince Akatoki is the first 5-star Akatoki hotel worldwide as part of the Prince Hotel brand expansion into key global gateway cities. Located in the heart of London’s West End, it is in walking distance of some of the most historical monuments and parks in the world. Akatoki is the ancient word for sunrise in Japanese and this is detailed throughout the hotel. It is reflected in its understated design - from the lobby, dining area and suites and according to the General Manager, Ray Goertz, “We only ever look at creating touch points that surprise and delight our guests” - he explains further “We have a Brand Ambassador as part of the team whose responsibility it is to ensure we live and breathe the ethos of Japanese etiquette, bringing eastern hospitality to fruition as part of the overall design element of the hotel and the service we offer.”


It is the perfect brand synergy between Prince Akatoki and TOTO - with an emphasis on rejuvenation whether you are a business or leisure traveller. The suites offer a balance and harmony between relaxation and comfort; from the delicately illuminated bedroom backdrop inducing a sense of calm; to the furniture, accessories and lighting suggesting quality and luxury. The bathrooms offer next level hygiene with the very latest RW WASHLET™ taking centre stage alongside integrated audio visual screens set at the foot of the bath, next to natural stone wash stands and perfectly tiled showers. The is an immersion in purity, simplicity and elegance.


Ray Goertz expands further about the value of including TOTO in the hotel bathrooms “It forms part of our design and aesthetics and we couldn’t be happier with the layout of the rooms and the functionality of the TOTO toilets. We have heard that guests enjoy their uniqueness and are a refreshing addition to the design. Being a Japanese inspired hotel it made sense to have these shower toilets in our bedrooms. It’s the cherry on the cake for us.”


The award winning WASHLET™ RW comes equipped with all of the characteristic hygiene and comfort features: warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodoriser and dryer. In addition, the EWATER+ feature cleans WASHLET™ wand jet and the toilet bowl with electrolysed water after use. It also offers an extra benefit with its multi-lingual remote control.



Category: 5-star luxury hotel
Owner: Prince Hotels
Designer: B3 Designers
Opening: December 2019
Rooms: 82
Product: WASHLET™ RW
Item number: TCF801CG